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The benefit brought by fasting have been discussed in several articles. Fasting helps detoxification and self-healing of human bodies [link], fasting is also good for skin care, early recovery from illness, and immunity development [link]. Some study also indicates that fasting under careful monitoring is a useful way to treat allergy [link].

In the most strict sense, fasting requires people drink only water during the process under careful medical monitoring, and is indeed too difficult to most people. Thus, I would recommend a less radical way for fasting, that is, fluid fasting. Before I start to introduce my recipe for fluid fasting, I would like to remind that there is no standard duration for fasting; you may try it for a day or for a week. The point is you can stop (fluid) fasting whenever you want once started. Forcing yourself continuing fasting is totally not necessary.

My kitchen equipments

  1. Vitamix blender
  2. Joyoung soymilk maker
  3. A freezer (Mine has a capacity of 380 litres, but a freezer with any size will also do).

My Recipe

  1. Soymilk

    • Following the instruction of the soymilk maker to make your own soymilk with non-GMO soybeans and without any sugar. I don't get rid of the soybean debris with a strainer; instead, I put the soymilk into the Vitammix blender to grind the debris into finer pieces.
    • Drinking plain soymilk can be boring. Therefore, you may add some nuts such as walnuts, apricot kernels, sesames, black soybean, or any kinds of grains. Sometimes I make black soybean or grain milk as well.
  2. Mixed fruit and vegetable juice


    • Apple: Purchase apples without waxes. Cutting them into halves, get rid of the kernels, and blending them into juice with their peels.
    • Lemon: Wash lemons with fruit and vegetable wash. Cutting them into halves, and blend them into juice with their peels.
    • Golden kiwi: Getting rid of the short fibers over the skin with scrub sponges, washing them, cutting off their heads and the bottoms, and blending them into juice with their peels.
    • Passion fruit: Cutting passion fruits into halves and taking out the flesh for making juice.
    • Pineapple: Ask the vendor to remove the shells and cut them into pieces for making juice.
    • Pomegranate: Pare the red layer from the peels of pomegranate and keep the rest parts, cutting them into halves.
    • Grape: Purchase grapes with seeds. Remove their heads to prevent them from mildewed; however, be careful not to break their skin. Washing them with fruit and vegetable wash and blend them into juice with their peels and seeds.
    • Cranberry and blueberry: Wash the berries well for juice making.
    • Banana: Purchase the matured bananas with a few black spots on them. Soak them into water for 10-15 minutes, chop off the both ends, and blend them into juice with their peels.


    • Burdock: Cut burdocks into sections and remove their peels with the back of your knife.
    • Sprouts: Sprouts like alfalfa sprouts or pea sprouts are good. Wash them with clean water.
    • Chinese Yam: Remove the peels of Chinese yams and cut them into pieces for blending into juice.
    • Celery:
    • Beetroot:
    • Cauliflower or Broccoli: Purchase the frozen cauliflowers or broccolis from super markets like COSTCO.

    After being prepared, all the materials should be packed with zipper closure bags or preserving containers. Besides apples, all the fruits ought to be put into the freezer. Apples and vegetables are put into the fridge refrigerator for preservation.

    Drinking juice made from fruits and vegetables with different colors helps you stay healthy [link]. Juice made from pineapples and gold kiwis is tasty. My favorite recipe is juice containing pineapples, gold kiwis, passion fruits, and bananas. Adding lemon into juice is better for your health with some costs of taste, and mixing fruits and vegetables together into your juice is excellent for the health. In Chinese medical theory, food can be classified into warm food and cold food. The fruits and vegetables are mostly classified as cold food, and thus it is better to put some warm food such as ginger root and nuts into juice for balance. Last but not the least, you should never put any sugar into the juice.

  3. Vegetable soup

    Root vegetables, such as radish, carrot, celery, onion, burdock, cabbage, and wax gourd, are good materials for making soups. Cook the soup together with mushrooms, pork ribs or Japanese miso makes your soup tastier. You may drink only the liquid of the soup or enjoy it freely. To force yourself having only liquid is not really necessary in my experiences.

My recipes for liquid fasting are shown above. During the fasting process, you may drink any of the above dishes whenever feeling hungry. Having six or even eight meals a day is all right. It is totally unncessary to tolerate hunger or waiting for normal meal times. I would suggest you drink juice during day time, having soup for dinner, and drinking soymilk in the middle.

Based on my experiences, I did not feel hungry during the fasting process. Only after I had my rewarding gourmet meals after my fasting diet that I started feeling hungry.

I believe that you will definitely feel changes in three days after the fasting starts. I get rid of my decades-long habit of having late-night supper after the first day. My face gets slimer at day three, and my pants get loose at day four. After a whole-week fasting, I restarted to have meals normally. Amazingly, my appetite halves, and I no longer feel strong hunger even my meal is delayed. After this, I also trained myself to eat slower and thus less. I have 12 KG weight-loss in two months without any other fasting or diet plans. Finally, I strongly recommend anyone who reads this article to give it a try---it will be good to your health.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems.

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  1. Vitamix blender
  2. 九陽豆漿機
  3. 一台 380L 冷凍櫃 XD (為某因素買的,其實不用那麼大)


  1. 豆漿

    • 用非基改黃豆,蛋白質含量至少在 35% 以上的。不加糖,不濾渣,因為九陽豆漿機沒辦法把渣打的很細,所以我會用 blender 把煮好的豆漿倒進來打細,然後再喝。
    • 只喝豆漿會有點無聊,所以可以看心情加入其它堅果類,例如核桃、杏仁、芝麻、黑豆、十殼米。有時會直接打黑豆漿或十殼米漿。
  2. 蔬果汁

    • 蘋果: 買沒有上蠟的,不削皮對半切後去核,連皮打。
    • 檸檬: 用蔬果清潔劑洗乾淨後對半切,連皮打。
    • 金色奇異果: 金色奇異果皮比較沒有毛,用菜瓜布把毛刷掉後,洗乾淨,去掉頭尾後連皮打。
    • 百香果: 沒什麼好說的,當然是對半切挖出果肉。
    • 鳳梨: 請攤販削皮切塊。
    • 石榴: 只削掉外皮紅色部分,留下白色部分的皮,對半切,連皮丟進去打。
    • 葡萄: 買有子的葡萄,不要連蒂頭(容易發徽),但也不要剪破,用蔬果清潔劑洗乾淨,連皮連子一起打。
    • 藍莓, 紅莓: 洗乾淨直接打。
    • 香蕉: 選已經成熟到有黑色斑點的香蕉,洗乾淨後, 用開水浸泡10--15分鐘,切掉頭尾後連皮打。
    • === 蔬菜及水果的分隔線 ===
    • 牛蒡: 洗乾淨後切一段一段的,用刀背輕輕去皮。
    • 芽菜類: 苜蓿芽, 豌豆苗等各種芽菜類 (洗清很重要)
    • 山藥: 削皮切段。
    • 芹菜: 芹菜或西洋芹。
    • 甜菜根
    • 花椰菜: COSTCO & 主婦聯盟有賣處理好的冷凍花椰菜


以健康為首要的話,可以選用不同顏色的蔬果加入一起打,見彩虹理論。要健康的話就水果+蔬菜,要好喝一點的話就水果 only 但要包含檸檬,要最好喝的話就不要加檸檬的果汁。:P 果汁的基本盤是鳳梨+金色奇異果就會好喝,我最愛的 recipe 是鳳梨+金色奇異果+百香果+香蕉(以好喝為前提時),打成冰沙慢慢喝。因為水果都是從冷凍庫拿出來,所以都會加熱水來打,讓它們融化的快一點。

所有的蔬果汁都要加上一些"溫"或"熱"的東西來調節,避免太寒。加一小段生薑(老薑)或堅果類 (核桃、杏仁、芝麻、松子等) 都可以。不要再加糖來調味。

  1. 蔬菜湯

根莖類蔬菜煮湯: 白蘿蔔、紅蘿蔔、芹菜、洋蔥、牛蒡、菜心、冬瓜等等。加上菇類 (金針菇等等) 會比較好吃,可加排骨熬或用味增調味。可以完成只喝湯,我自己是想吃料就吃一點,不用勉強自己不吃固體。


我相信斷食開始後三天內一定會有感覺。:) 我自己是第一天開始後,改掉十多年來吃宵夜的習慣(不再需要了),第三天早上起來臉變瘦了,第四天起床褲子變鬆了。XD 斷食一星期後,我就恢復正常飲食,不過很神奇的是,食量大約只剩原本的一半,即使偶而比較晚餐,不再會有強烈的飢餓感。這樣之後,更可以訓練慢慢地吃,慢慢地吃就不會吃太多,良性循環之下,很快在兩個月內,沒有控制飲食的情況下瘦了十公斤,很神奇吧。:)